Some Rules - Part I

Some Rules - Part I

Rule # 1

Set a date on the calendar as a goal for your ideal weight.
Human beings always works best when you have a goal to reach, thus helps promote engagement.

Rule # 2

Get a company to do the diet.
With the company is a healthy competition. It's incentivante when you know that you are not alone.

Rule # 3

Calculate realistically how much you want to lose.
In the internet we can find many BMI calculators.

Rule # 4

To lose weight, weigh yourself once a week. To maintain weight, weigh yourself every day.
We should weigh about the same time, preferably with empty stomach, without clothes and always on the same scale.

Rule # 5

Learn to read food labels, not to be fooled.
There are many products on the market light, yet be light means that the product had some nutrient limited, we have to know what it was. Must always consider the amount of carbohydrates and sugars.

Rule # 6

Learn to distinguish between good foods and foods for weight loss.
There are foods that are good food, however not serve to lose weight. Bananas for example, are rich in fiber and potassium, however has too many calories to be part of a weight loss diet.