Some Rules - Part II

Some Rules - Part II

Rule # 7

Make your pantry a good companion to diet.
Eliminate from your home anything that might tempt you... such as biscuits, cakes, chocolates, gums, candies, packets of fried foods, ice cream, pizza, etc.. Choose to always have jellies, sugar-free yogurt, cheese, poultry ham, vegetables, fruit, fish, meat,etc..

Rule # 8

Sleep well to lose weight
During sleep a hormone is produced that inhibits the appetite, so if we sleep not enough, it´is more difficult to control our appetite next day.

Rule # 9

Take your food to work. Save and avoids blunders.
It is easier to control the food you eat and the amount where are we to join them. If we take lunch from home do not have to subject us to what is in the restaurant and always saves some money.

Rule # 10

Stress also fattening.
When we are stressed our body releases cortisol, which in turn increases our fat reserves, particularly in the abdominal area.

Rule # 11

Reduce the intake of carbohydrates.
To lose weight effectively, we must eliminate carbohydrates almost completely.

Rule # 12

Eat protein at every meal.
Protein found mainly in meat, fish, eggs, dairy and soy. Are essential in the formation and growth of organs and muscle, and are also good energy suppliers.

Rule # 13

Never skip breakfast.
when skipping breakfast, feel hungrier at lunch, afternoon and evening and is much more likely to ingest more calories than you should. From 18h, our metabolism slows down, therefore everything that is eaten at the end of the day, is more assimilated, thus contributing to weight gain.

Rule # 14

Bread: one in the morning
Our metabolism is faster in the morning, for this reason the morning bread is not a problem.
The bread should not be white, since this has practically no fiber and their sugar is all absorbed, which causes shortly after're already starving.

Rule # 15

Make three meals a day and at least two in "the middle".
Stop eating, should never be an option, the ideal is to never spend more than three hours without eating, so that sugar levels never downloading too.
To lose weight, you must eat only carbohydrates for breakfast.
To maintain weight, you can eat carbohydrates until 18h.